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Valentines Day Flights

Book a flying experience as gift this Valentines Day

Struggling to think of a gift idea for your loved ones? Treat someone to a flying experience at Cabaero Aviation. From aerobatic flying experiences to trial flying lessons, we have a range of gift ideas available at our Deenethorpe Aerodrome base near Corby in Northamptonshire.

Trial Flying Lessons

Flight Training
Student trial flying experience in Piper PA28 G-FTAC

Our trial flying lessons are the perfect introduction to the world of flying and are suited towards everyone. Perhaps you know someone who has shown an interest in flying, or you just want to surprise a loved one with an experience that they have never considered?

Our trial flying lessons begin with a comprehensive briefing about the aircraft with one of our experienced instructors. We pride ourselves on making each lesson customisable to the person taking it. If you want to get hands-on with the controls, your instructor will teach you to fly the aircraft. If you want to sit back and enjoy the view, our instructors will plan a route accordingly.

You have the choice to go in our two-seat Aero AT-3 or spacious Robin 2160 aircraft, or our four-seat Piper PA28 giving you the opportunity to take up friends or family with you on your trial lesson. 

Trial lessons are the first step towards a commercial career in aviation, so this gift is a dream for anyone who wishes to pursue flight training. They are also perfect for those who just want to experience something new!

Aerobatic Flying Experiences

Aerobatic Flying Experience in Robin 2160 G-BLWY

Our aerobatic flying experiences are the ultimate adrenaline rush for thrill seekers. 

Experience up to 6g in a breathtaking flight designed to push you to your limits. After a comprehensive briefing with one of our specially-accredited instructors, you will get hands-on with the aircraft as you taxi out to commence your flight.

In our aerobatic aircraft G-BLWY, a Robin 2160, your instructor will demonstrate and teach you aerobatic manoeuvres such as basic loops and rolls, through to more advanced stunts such as avalanches and immelmanns.

Available in 30, 45, or 60-minute sessions, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a challenge.

NIGHT FLYING Experiences

Cityscape at night

Flying in a light aircraft at night is an experience like no other. If you would like to book a night flying voucher to gift to a loved one, this is something we can accomodate.

Please get in touch by emailing or calling us on 01536 639066. We’d be more than happy to discuss more details with you.

Add an extra wow factor

Cabaero Aviation PPL Starter Package
Cabaero Aviation PPL Starter Package

We have a range of gift packages and optional extras available to book alongside your flying experience with Cabaero Aviation.

Our video packages offer a fully-edited multi-camera film of your flight, perfect for watching for years to come to remember your special day.

On our four-seat trial lessons, you can add additional passengers to your booking so parents, grandparents, friends, or anyone you choose can come up with you.

Complement your gift with a special gift box in our Gift Package containing a logbook and keyring to present your voucher in. Or for those who wish to pursue flight training, take a look at our PPL Starter Package which contains all the essentials needed to begin flight training.

Flying Experiences & Trial Flights

Browse some of our flying experiences, trial flights and gift addons in our shop.


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