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You will be greeted at our Deenethorpe base by one of our experienced flight instructors who will book you in and prepare you for your flight experience. The instructor will find out a bit about you to establish what you want to get out of the experience.

The instructor will carry out a full aerobatic briefing before heading out towards the aircraft. Family and friends are invited to listen in if they wish, or they can grab a refreshment and watch from the balcony of the clubhouse at Deenethorpe Aerodrome.

After a comprehensive briefing, your instructor will walk you out to the aircraft where you will be familiarised with the layout and controls before heading off. You will be talked through the various checklists to get the aircraft ready to taxi.

At the discretion of your instructor, you will be given the opportunity to taxi the aircraft from our base to the runway. Your instructor will then carry out a full-length performance take-off, reaching speeds of around 120 knots just a few feet above the ground before pulling back and taking off nearly vertically. Family and friends will be able to film this from the viewing area!

After taking off, you will have the opportunity to take the controls yourself and fly the aircraft out to the intended area (whether just local or to a location of your choice). Your instructor will talk you through the relevant checks which need to be carried out before commencing aerobatic manoeuvres.

Depending on the time available, your instructor will demonstrate a number of aerobatic manoeuvres to you including rolls, loops, spins and loops. At their discretion, you will also have the opportunity to try them out yourself under their guidance!

Towards the end of your experience, your instructor will navigate you back towards Deenethorpe Aerodrome to prepare for landing. They will talk you down through the circuit and land back where you started.

After a short taxi back in to our base from the runway, you will be presented with a certificate for the completion of your flight experience. Family and friends will have the opportunity to take pictures of you with or without your instructor.

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Valentines Day Flight Vouchers

We have a range of flying vouchers available which would make the perfect gift for your partner to enjoy or for a romantic treat for you both.

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