Trial Flying Lesson

The perfect introduction to flying

Introductory Flying Lesson

Whether you are wanting to start your Private Pilot Licence, embark on a commercial career, or just want to try something new, our trial flying lessons are the perfect introduction to flying.

From our Deenethorpe Aerodrome base in Northamptonshire, you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will show you the basics of flying our Aero AT-3 two-seat training aircraft. 

If you decide that you wish to pursue and complete your Private Pilot Licence with Cabaero Aviation, the trial flying lesson can be logged and counted towards it. 

Recent trial lesson at Cabaero Aviation. Thanks to Hydar Ali for putting the video together.

What's Included in a Trial Flying Lesson?

30 or 60 minutes
Two or four seat options
Commemorative certificate
Full briefing
Take the controls

Our trial flying lessons can be completed in our two-seat or four-seat aircraft and can last for 30 or 60 minutes. Additionally, your instructor will give you a detailed pre-flight briefing covering the basic controls, through to the safety features of your aircraft prior to leaving the flight school.

Family and friends are welcomed to accompany you at all stages prior to departure to take pictures, after which they will be able to watch your take-off and landing from Deenethorpe Aerodrome’s viewing area in the cafe.

Our trial flying lessons are intended to be hands-on, so you will be sat in the Captain’s seat for the duration of your flight. Your instructor will complete the pre-flight checks and taxi to the runway for departure.

Once airborne and settled, you will be invited to take the controls and learn the basics of flying a light aircraft, including flying straight and level and how to turn. 

There is no obligation to take control if you just want to enjoy the views. We can tailor your experience to make it as unique to you as possible.

At the end of your lesson, you will be presented with a personalised certificate and a record of your flight times.

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Our Trial Flying Lesson Reviews

Trial Flying Lesson

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We are based at Deenethorpe Aerodrome near Corby in Northamptonshire.

Cabaero Aviation Ltd, Deenethorpe Aerodrome, Oundle Road, Corby, NN17 3AN

Call 01536 639066 or email for any queries or questions.

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