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Wellesbourne Breakfast Flight


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Fly to the home of Vulcan Bomber XM655 in the Warwickshire countryside from our Deenethorpe Aerodrome base in Northamptonshire.

Accompanied by one of our experienced instructors, this 3 hour experience allows you and up to two other passengers to fly in our four-seater PA28 aircraft to Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield where you can try the Touchdown Cafe's renowned breakfast whilst watching the busy general aviation activity.

Included with this experience is around 1.5 hours of flying time for you to try your hands at the controls of a PA28 aircraft across the Warwickshire countryside. With two flights included, there is also the opportunity for one of your other passengers to take control on the return flight to allow you to enjoy the views.

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Valentines Day Flight Vouchers

We have a range of flying vouchers available which would make the perfect gift for your partner to enjoy or for a romantic treat for you both.

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